About Us


The Paul family (that’s us!) owns and operates Fruition Berry Farm, located in Kingston, Ontario. Our fruit and vegetable fields are open to the local public for pick-your-own in the spring, summer and fall each season. We also offer school tours and lessons in September and October with our Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. In our most recent season Fruition Berry Farm had about 15 acres of strawberries, 10 acres of raspberries, 2 acres of fresh-market peas and beans, a large corn-field maze, 5 acres of pick-your-own pumpkins and a few hundred acres of other field crops.

Farming is a very challenging – yet rewarding – occupation. Weather is an unpredictable variable that effects every aspect of our growing season.
However, in addition to hard work, soil fertility, sun and rain, the viability of all these crops relies on one important factor: pollination. Pollination is required for plants to produce fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds.

Pollinated blossoms produce seeds, fruit, vegetables and many other types of food for animals, insects and people. Successful pollination ensures that all types of plants grow, reproduce and continually adapt to changes in our natural environment. Without pollination, blossoms are just pretty flowers!

Our family decided that the best way to ensure the successful pollination of our fruit and vegetable crops was to start keeping our own colonies of honeybees at our farm. Our plants benefit from the pollination and (as an added bonus) we have a bountiful supply of lovely honey for our customers. Introducing: Bee Mine Honey!

We now have fresh unpasteurized honey for sale at our seasonal farm market and (soon) for sale on this website. Please check back for the latest buzz!