Bee Mine Honey Co.

Our family has been growing fresh fruits and vegetables in the Kingston area for over 10 years. We rely on honeybees to pollinate our crops - and our honeybees rely on a healthy eco-system to thrive. We don’t use any pesticides or artificial chemicals in our honey production. Nature has produced a perfect natural food without interference from people!

Honeybees can fly up to 6 km to collect nectar and pollen from flowers and blossoms of thousands of unique plants – including clovers, dandelions, buckwheat and our nearby strawberry, raspberry and blueberry fields. In all, a hive of honeybees will buzz about four million flowers and fly 160,000 km to make 1 kg of honey. That’s a tremendous amount of work!

This pure raw honey is then collected from the hives, bottled and packaged without any heat pasteurization or processing - ensuring that all of the natural enzymes and proteins are still active. Raw honey naturally contains elements of pollen, nectar and propolis and retains the best flavor, aroma and nutrients. Pure honey does not require refridgeration

A jar of Bee Mine Honey is like having a beehive in your kitchen - without the stings!  Read more...